#SkeeLocker Day 66 & 67

Since we were a little delayed yesterday, I decided to double up today with the Jordan Collezione 16/7 Pack. First up, this is prob my favorite Air Jordan VII, the Jordan “Hare” aka Bugs Bunny’s favorite Jordan. Next up, the best color of the Air Jordan XVI & the first released black/red… I actually passed on these as a kid and wasn’t feeling, but over the years they have grown on me and actually really like this color scheme now.

#SkeeLocker Day 63 of 365

#SkeeLocker 063/365: Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game” white/black/red Retro before they drop March 16th… I had the OG’s back in Junior High and these were some of my favorite Jordans ever both to ball in and look wise. Also the first Jordan to come in a silver box (and the first Air Jordan that came out under the new Jordan Brand division).

#SkeeLocker Day 43 of 365


#SkeeLocker 043/365: Air Jordan XX3 “Finale” signed by Michael Jordan. The shoes alone (without the signature) were the last true Air Jordan from the line (they wanted to stop at 23 officially) and to celebrate the final drop, only 23 stores in the US got these (and each got 23 pairs). These (and every pair) is individually numbered out of only 529… and they don’t include the signature, so you can just imagine the rarity behind these. I show them off in the Nice Kicks video I did too if you missed it… enjoy!

#SkeeLocker 2013 Day 29 of 365

#SkeeLocker 029/365: Today we feature the Air Jordan VI “Varsity Red” from the Infrared Pack. One of my favorite packs not only for the shoes, but for some of the best packaging Jordan Brand has ever used both with the matte black box and the anti-static Jordan bags to protect the shoes

#SkeeLocker 2013- Day 23 of 365

It’s day 23, so we had to do something special… Air Jordan XX3 Premier “Titanium” signed by MJ himself… If your a sneakerhead, you should already know all about these shoes and how rare and valuable they are (without even counting the signature). Only the top 23 stores in the US got these, with each receiving only 23 pairs… do the math (the top 23 stores overseas got 23 paris too). Each one is individually numbered and the quality is incredible from the wood inserts, DVD in the box, to the materials on the shoe. One of my favorite Jordans ever and the last true official “Jordan” model… plus the sig!

(Source: skeelocker.com)

#SkeeLocker 2013- Day 14 of 365

Original Air Jordan XIV “Indiglo” for #SkeeLocker # 014 of 365… these OG’s have never been retro’d. I remember buying these in the summer of ‘99 (no I dont just go to Flightclub or eBay and waste money so I can post these pictures, I’ve been collecting kicks since before it was popular- this is the exact pair still DS from Champs in the Mall Of America) and a lot of people weren’t feeling, now they are one of the most sought after XIV’s. Enjoy

(Source: skeelocker.com)

#SkeeLocker 2013- Day 13 of 365

For day 13, we showcase the Air Jordan XIII “Flint Grey.” My favorite 13’s (and some of my fav shoes in general ever), these had a good amount of reflective 3M (check the pic) in them unlike some of the other retros. Maybe they best blue Jordan ever, and the nicest Jordan you can wear with blue jeans.

(Source: skeelocker.com)

#SkeeLocker 2013- Day 11 of 365

For day 11, why not an XI? The OG 2001 Air Jordan XI “Snakeskin” Low in white/navy/black… classic. There is a Black/Varsity Maize/Gamma Blue “Snakeskin” edition Air Jordan XI mid dropping Christmas 2013, since it is the year of the snake… We shall see how they stack up to these (why not just make a mid of these Jordan Brand?). Until then, enjoy #SkeeLocker 011/365