#SkeeLocker Day 63 of 365

#SkeeLocker 063/365: Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game” white/black/red Retro before they drop March 16th… I had the OG’s back in Junior High and these were some of my favorite Jordans ever both to ball in and look wise. Also the first Jordan to come in a silver box (and the first Air Jordan that came out under the new Jordan Brand division).

#SkeeLocker 2013- Day 13 of 365

For day 13, we showcase the Air Jordan XIII “Flint Grey.” My favorite 13’s (and some of my fav shoes in general ever), these had a good amount of reflective 3M (check the pic) in them unlike some of the other retros. Maybe they best blue Jordan ever, and the nicest Jordan you can wear with blue jeans.

(Source: skeelocker.com)