UPDATE: Daft Punk x SXSW 2013 (+ other Daft Punk News)

Austin (and the world) has been going crazy over the Daft Punk rumored comeback show, supposedly set to take place at SXSW. In fact, fans lined up at the Texas Capital building Wednesday night based off of an internet rumor alone (and just one of many). I previously reported that if it happened, it would be Friday night, but here is the latest…

Unfortunately for the Daft Punk army, I have stopped hearing anything. I knew all about the secret shows from Justin Timberlake, Prince, and Usher (which is tonight, since I don’t think anyone knows that yet) well in advance (plus all of last years moments with Kanye, Jay-Z, etc), but am getting nada around Daft Punk. Unless this is the best kept secret in a music business that can’t keep secrets (around me!), I’d have to guess its not going to happen this year Austin. 

However, on a positive note, I do have some new exclusive info on the supergroup. They are about to shoot their first new music video for their new album (releasing later this year), and I got some insight on the shoot. A huge fully rotating stage was built for the video in all black. It comes complete with insane lighting, effects, and features built into it, and took over 7 days to build the stage alone. Now if it took a week for the stage, just imagine how the rest of the video will look (especially in this day and age of low budget music videos).

I’ll keep y’all posted on the latest and if anything changes here

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