#SkeeLocker Day 80 of 365

#SkeeLocker 080/365: To kick off (pun intended) the NCAA Tournament, I pull out my new Kobe 8 System “Duke” Player Edition (shout to my dude Tyler Thornton!). You’ll never see these anywhere other than the feet of some Duke players. This special edition Kobe 8 System makeup features black camo on top with a white swoosh and duke blue secondary, and of course the D on the tongue. More pictures (and video) if you read more below…

I wasn’t ever really a Duke fan but now I’m pulling for the homies to make it to the Final 4… also, wait until you see what I put up on #SkeeLocker next weekend!

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#SkeeLocker Day 49 of 365

#SkeeLocker 049/365: LeBron X EXT Cork QS… aka the most anticipated sneaker of 2013. I gotta say, these do live up to the hype in person… amazing quality from the cork material to premium leather to all the little details. The only disappointment was the generic Nike box- for $300+, you want more! Even if it ads an extra $5/10 to the cost, at that point it doesn’t even matter and would make the experience better. Nonetheless, still an amazing shoe. Good luck getting when they drop, you’ll need these. More pictures after the jump in the full post (click read more) 

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#SkeeLocker Day 35 of 365

#SkeeLocker 035/365: For day 35 we show something from #35, Kevin Durant. Here is the Nike Zoom KD IV N7 x Freehand Profit gas mask (1 of 1 in the world). Constructed entirely from 2 pairs of KD IV N7’s (both the white and black versions). Only fitting since the N7 is made to give back for 7 generations and a great cause… You can also check these out featured in the “Army Of UNDeadstock" book out now.