Topps Project 70

Satchelmatic B Side

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DJ Skee’s second card pairs the greatest pitcher of all-time with the greatest hip-hop album of all time. Listen to the companion show that features the music that inspired the card as well as Skee’s breakdown on the inspiration, making of, and hidden elements- and some of Nas’ greatest songs.

2018 Babe Ruth

Award-winning DJ, TV host, producer, & entrepreneur. Known for breaking the biggest music artists in the world like Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, & more. Skee Sports powers music across pro sports teams & leagues. Honored with “DJ Skee Day” in hometown St. Paul, MN. Owner: Cards & Coffee &
DJ Skee Collection: BR3 (Numbered Out Of 399)
Inspired by Skee’s P70 Blueprint card featuring the NYC based GOATs of baseball and hiphop, BR3 takes it to another level to mirror the pairing.
Each Card Individually Numbered & Serialized
All Cards feature foil! Red foil is standard /399
Limited Platinum (/10) & Gold(/70) Editions Randomly Inserted
130 Pt Stock

2.5 x 3.5 UV Coded Card

One Touch Magnetic Case

/399 Red Foil
/70 Gold Foil
/10 Platinum Foil
Topps Project 70- Babe Ruth Auto
These will be the only cards publicly available and signed by DJ Skee!
In order to preserve value and scarcity for collectors, no other autograph requests will be granted for this card. Outside of one planned future project that will feature /10 autos separately numbered (and potential 1/1 charity requests), this will be the only chance to get a signed Project 70 card in this edition.
Each Card Individually Numbered (/70)
Limited Gold & Blue Signatures Randomly Inserted
/70 Silver
/10 Gold
/3 Blue


DJ Skee built an empire by consistently identifying the next trends in music and culture first. As a DJ, Skee is best known for introducing the world to artists including Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, Travis Scott, and more on his TV and radio platforms. Skee has produced for defining artists of this era ranging from Snoop Dogg to Michael Jackson and composed music for top selling video game series like HALO and Ghost Recon. As a performer, Skee has opened up and held residencies at high-profile clubs and venues globally, including XS at the Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas and US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Skee has been honored with numerous awards and accolades including Mixtape and Radio DJ Of The Year, Billboard and Forbes “30 Under 30,” as well a mayoral proclamation in his hometown of St. Paul Minnesota, declaring May 26th “DJ Skee Day.” In raw numbers, Skee has generated over four billion views and has a network of over two million followers.

With multiple ventures under his umbrella, DJ Skee is more than a DJ. A driving force behind some of the biggest brands over the past decade like Beats By Dre, Skee has helped numerous Fortune 500 brands including Nike and Google. After spending over a decade on satellite and FM radio, Skee founded Dash and turned it into the world’s largest all original digital radio platform. Skee produced the Netflix original documentary “Sneakerheadz,” has produced eleven number one music videos, and hosted/produced five seasons of Skee TV on Fuse. Skee is an early venture investor in several unicorns, including StockX, HotelTonight (acquired by Airbnb), Thrive, and more. Skee Sports is an award-winning sports content and game day entertainment agency that currently works across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. Skee is an owner of Cards & Coffee in Hollywood and runs the collectible alternative asset fund, Mint10. Most passionately, Skee is an active Philanthropist working with numerous organizations, including the UN Foundation and GRAMMY Foundation. 

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